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Backman, Covey Islands Acquisition Project - 2006  

Andrews and Strum Islands in 2001
Andrews and Strum Islands in 2001

Mahone Bay Islands
The Mahone Bay islands are unique in the world with a very rich:
  • History - Mi'kmaq camps, French explorers, pirates, legend of the 'bloody hand'
  • Geology - unique bay, drumlin islands
  • Environment - shores, marches, ponds woodlands support diversity of wildlife
  • Tradition: - used for generations
The Mahone Bay island environment must be preserved as an investment in the future for locals and all Nova Scotians. Mahone Bay is well known for its beauty.

Island Ownership:
MICA's objective is not to hold title. It is intended that ownership of acquired islands would be transferred to the NS Government and would be protected by a Stewardship Agreement.

Island Stewardship:
A Stewardship Agreement will be struck with the Province to ensure that islands are left in their natural state for perpetuity and available for traditional recreational use.

Our Current Project:
To lead the acquisition of Backman and Covey Islands.
  • They are two of the few undeveloped islands left in Mahone Bay.
  • They are very popular destinations for boaters and have been traditionally enjoyed by many over the years.
  • They are recognized for their ecological significance by various organizations.
  • They are drumlin islands in their natural state.
  • They have mixed forest composition and topography providing habitat to a variety of species.
  • They have sand and rock beaches, salt water marshes and fresh water ponds.
  • They are high profile in Mahone Bay.
  • They are very complimentary with Sheep Island (owned by NCC), Andrews Island (owned by the Nova Scotia Government), and the Provincial Park on Second Peninsula.
  • Both are currently for sale
  • Both are prime targets for development

Backman Island - current status:
  • Currently for sale for $925,000.
  • MICA initiated communications with owners in late 2005.
  • DNR has written a 'letter of intent to purchase' to the vendors.
  • DNR is satisfied with the results of the title search.
  • Vendors have given DNR verbal right of first refusal.
  • DNR and MICA will commence formal negotiations that we hope will result in a written right of first refusal.
  • MICA will be asked to contribute financially through the 'Partnership Agreement' with the Province. The amount, unknown at this time, will be dependant on the final negotiated purchase price. We expect this to be in the vicinity of $200,000.
  • The purchase is subject to Cabinet approval and provincial funding

Covey Island - current status:
  • Currently for sale for $1,100,000.
  • MICA initiated communications with the owner's representative in late 2005.
  • MICA has conducted a title search of the island.
  • DNR will support the effort in the form of 'in-kind' services for the acquisition.
  • MICA has been verbally given the right of first refusal by the vendors.
  • MICA will have to raise significant funds - the exact amount will be dependant on the final negotiated purchase price.

MICA Pledge Campaign:
  • MICA objective is to raise over $1,000,000 through pledges to support the acquisition of Backman and Covey Islands.
  • The campaign was initiated at the AGM on June 13, 2006.
  • To date, we have pledges totalling over $100,000.

  • MICA is a very legitimate and well established organization.
  • Success to date has been the result of thousands of volunteer hours.
  • MICA is partnered with the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • MICA is working very hard to preserve our unique island environment.
  • MICA thanks all our partners and friends for the wonderful support to date.
  • MICA requires your significant financial support if we are to be successful in our current project.
  • This may be the last chance we have to bring Backman and Covey Islands into public ownership.

Your Pledge:
  • MICA will ask that your pledge be honoured shortly after a purchase has been negotiated.
  • Your pledge is made with the understanding that it is a statement of intent and is not a legally binding contract on you, your heirs, or your assigns.
  • We are very pleased to state that nearly 100% of the pledges made for Andrews Island were honoured.
  • You can decide if you would like your donation publicized (ref. pledge forms)
  • Your pledge will help create a wonderful legacy.

Thank you for your consideration.
Please click here to read our pledge letter and click here to access a printable pledge form.

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